White Colour Power Light LED And Green Wifi To Hub 3.0 Virgin Media Router Troubleshoot

Picture of hub 3.0 white and black

The hub 3.0 has a green wifi flashing and power is white

Troubleshoot !

My router or hub 3.0 has a green wifi light flashing and the power is white colour, what is happening?

Hub 3.0 troublesoot

Hub 3.0 with White Power led and green wifi

Remedy !

There are few things that can cause this, see below:

  • First – The hub 3.0 has done some updates in the background and now they are stuck, causing errors, try restarting it.
  • Second – The hub 3.0 is using a very congested wifi channels, you could reset it, see here.
  • Third – Do not confuze this with WPS searching as that option lasts up to 2 minutes.
  • Forth – If the reset doesn’t work the try my tutorial and optimize it manually, remember to put 2.4 Gh band to channel 11 and 5 Gh band to channel 44, see here.

If by any reason the hub 3.0 is behaving the same and you have fallowed the instructions above, then call virgin up to investigate further.

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