White Colour Power Light Hub 3.0 Virgin Media Router Troubleshoot

Picture of hub 3.0 white and black

The hub 3.0 has a white led light and I can't connect to the internet

Troubleshoot !

My router or hub 3.0 from virgin media is showing a white linear colour led but I can’t connect. (See picture 1)

Hub 3.0

Hub 3.0 Front Picture 1

Remedy !

If by any reason you are experiencing the situation above there are multiple answers for this.

Now I will focus on the instances that you can make and not the engineer.

  • One – you will need to factory reset your router or hub 3.0, you can find out how here.
  • Second – you can optimize your wifi speeds and range by fallowing my tutorial here.
  • Third – you can check the cables, specially the F ports, splitters or isolator wall box, if they are loose and you can move them with your fingers then they need tightening (use a spanner).
  • Forth – you can move you router or hub 3.0 to a horizontal position if you are using it vertically.

Now if all of the above don’t work, then you will need to call up virgin media and get an engineer to take a look outside.

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