Red Colour Wifi Light Hub 3.0 Virgin Media Router Troubleshoot

Picture of hub 3.0 white and black

The hub 3.0 has a red wifi led light

Troubleshoot !

My hub 3.0 router from virgin media is showing a red wifi colour led. (See picture 1, number 1)

Hub 3.0 troublesoot

Hub 3.0 with red wifi led Picture 1

Remedy !

If by any reason you are experiencing the situation above then let’s start.

  • First – you must factory reset your hub 3.0, you can find out how to do this in detail here.
  • Second – you can consider optimizing the hub 3.0 router and setting all wifi to manual optimization, this way you can control it, find out how to do this here.

If by any reason the hub 3.0 is behaving the same and you have fallowed the instructions above, then it’s faulty and you should call up virgin media to send replacement hub or engineer.

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