Red Colour Internet Light Hub 3.0 Virgin Media Router Troubleshoot

Picture of hub 3.0 white and black

The hub 3.0 has the red internet light

Troubleshoot !

The hub 3.0 router from virgin media is showing a red Internet led light, my internet is connected but it’s not working or drops off. (See picture 1, number 1)

Hub 3.0 troublesoot

Hub 3.0 with red internet led picture 1

Remedy !

There are a few things that can cause this see below:

  • First – You need to check the cables and power leads are connected securely.
  • Second – You need to go and see the virgin media website on any known outages on the network, see here.
  • Third – Just simply restart your hub 3.0, I know it sounds easy.
  • Forth – Finally I suggest a factory reset your hub as sometimes it might fix this, find out how here.

If by any reason the hub 3.0 is behaving the same and you have fallowed the instructions above, then call virgin up to investigate further.

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