Power Flashing And Wifi Light Is Green Hub 3.0 Virgin Media Router Troubleshoot

The hub 3.0 has the power flashing green and the wifi light is green

Troubleshoot !

The hub 3.0 router from virgin media is showing flashing green power light and wifi is green colour. You got no connection what so ever.

Hub 3.0 troublesoot

Hub 3.0 with green power led and wifi green

Remedy !

This issue means that the cable is disconnected, very damaged or maybe cut of in the garden.

  • First – You have to check the coax cable and make sure it’s securely connected.
  • Second – You can check the virgin media website on any known outages on the network, see here.

If by any reason the hub 3.0 is behaving the same and you have fallowed the instructions above, then call virgin up to investigate further, probably an engineer is required.

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