Wifi tips on a Virgin Media hub 3.0

Picture of hub 3.0 white and black

How to fix and optimize your wifi on Virgin Media Hub 3.0

This techniques is what I call a wifi split, basically you are taking control of your hub 3.0 and telling it to squeeze all its resources to improve performance and increase wifi range.

So what will this do?

In short by appling this you will see a significant increase on your wifi range lets say 3-5 meters, better speeds as your hub 3.0 will work at optimal performance.

At the end of this tutorial the is a Fail Safe if things go wrong you can reset the hub 3.0 to factory settings.

Things you need to proceed!

  • First an actual Hub 3.0 from Virgin Media that has wifi turned on and is working (you can connect to the internet trough it).
  • Second will be a device that can connect via wifi to the hub 3.0, could be a laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.
  • Third will be a internet browser let’s say google chrome, internet explorer, Microsoft edge, safari, firefox or any other.
Before we start!

As I usually don’t have Ethernet cables and laptop with me when I get to the hub 3.0, I will use wifi only through my smartphone. Of course you can do this via the Ethernet cable as well.

So lets proceed!

Step A


Hello page – pic 1

Connect to your virgin media wifi, after this open your internet browser and input the fallowing numbers or address: (see pic 1);

Now a Hello! message will pop up in your browser asking you to select the language, as default I am selecting is English, now press next. (see pic 1);


Welcome Page – pic 2

At this point Welcome message will pop up in your browser and it is asking you the master password of your hub 3.0.

Now this is located at the bottom of the hub 3.0 and it is a series of numbers only, usually 8 in total. (See pic 2)


Perfect! Page – pic 3

Lastly here after you fill the master password and press next you will be getting the Perfect! message in your browser and it is asking you if you would like to change the master password.

I would suggest not to change it and I will press the Skip button to continue. (See pic 3)


Your Hub 3.0 is ready to go! Page – pic 4

The last page you will encounter will be the Your Hub 3.0 is ready to go!

Just press Go to Dashboard and continue (See pic 4)


Hub 3.0 Landing Page – pic 5

Congratulation you are now inside the GUI of your hub 3.0, from here you can fully control it.


Step B


Hub 3.0 Landing Page to Advanced Settings – pic 6

From the left hand side top go and press Advanced settings, an acordion drop down menu will apprear.


Hub 3.0 Landing Page to Advanced Settings to Wireless – pic 7

From Advanced settings to Wireless, an acordion drop down menu will apprear.


Hub 3.0 Guest network – pic 8

From Advanced Settings go to Guest network – now here by default this is turned off – Press and tick the enable guest network and change your password to welcome(with no capitol). Of course you can change it to whatever you like but for the sake of simplicity I will put it to welcome.

Also by using the Guest network for new people that come in your home, you are actualy protecting yourself and people that use your normal wifi for banking, bills, etc.

In simple tems the Hub 3.0 will generate a new wifi band that is separate from the main one and will have “Guest” on it aimed at visiting users.

Now press the apply changes.

Give it a minute as the wifi will go down and you will need to wait until it loads up.(See pic 8)


Hub 3.0 Wireless Security – pic 9

After you have reconnected go back and press Security from the menu – here you will see the Wireless Security screen.

Now there are three thing you need to do:

  • One – change the name at the 2.4 Ghz Security Settings from VM3612899 to VM3612899-2.4G (Of course yours will be different, VM and then your wifi name from the hub 3.0)
  • Two – change name at the 5 Ghz Security Settings from VM3612899 to VM3612899-5G (Of course yours will be different, VM and then your wifi name from the hub 3.0)
  • Three – At the bottom of this page you will find the Wireless radio section under the MAC address, here you tick the Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Now press the Apply changes and wait at least a minute.

After this point you will now need to re-enter the password for your new wifi that should be VM3612899-5G and VM3612899-2.4G in my case.

As now your device will see it as new wifi entirely just like you did it when you first got the hub 3.0.

Now I am going to Connect to VM3612899-5G (Of course yours will be different, VM and then your wifi name from the hub 3.0) and refresh the browser.

In some cases it might ask you the master pasword, that is located under the hub a series of numbers. (See Pic 9)


Hub 3.0 Wireless signal – pic 10


From Wireless signal menu you will see wireless mode on both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz there are some options there. Only chose the ones that have the most names: 2.4GHz at 802.11/b/g/n mixed  and 5GHz to 802.11/a/n/ac mixed.

Next step is to disable the Smart Wifi, as soon as you tick it you will get the channel width option enabled. Here select the highest possible as fallows on 2.4GHz it will be the 20/40MHz and on 5 GHz it should set to 20/50/80MHz.

  1. Now press Apply changes.
  2. Give it a minute as the wifi will go down and you will need to wait until it loads up.
  3. Congratulation you have now increased your wifi range and optimized it.

The Results

So you should now see 3 wifi’s been broadcasted from your hub 3.0:

  • One in 5 Ghz (extremely good near the hub and will achieve the maximum speed you are paying for, but looses signal faster on distance from the source)
  • Two will be 2.4Ghz – now this will only reach speeds up to 90MBs, and it has at least double the range distance from the source.
  • Three The Guest Network only works on 2.4 GHz and it is used mostly for guests or devices that are usually not in your home all the time, works completely different from your other 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band.
  • Now why use it? Well why not it improves your security, lets say if someone comes in and connects to the guest wifi instead of your normal ones, then no apps or software can ever see what transactions you have made or what you have used your Hub 3.0 for.

Fail safe!

If by any reason it didn’t work and your wifi is worse than before, just got to your hub 3.0 behind where the ethernet ports are there is a reset button. Please use a pin, needle or a pen edge and press it continually for 1 minute while the hub 3.0 is on.

This process will reset the hub to factory reset and can take up to 20 minutes to load up.

All other modifications from above will be canceled.

For more in depth on how to reset the hub 3.0 please go here.

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