Hub 3.0 Factory Reset

Picture of hub 3.0 white and black

How to factory reset a Hub 3.0 from Virgin Media

Hello everyone in this small tutorial you will learn how to reset your hub 3.0 the proper way.

As a rule if you ever made any modifications to your hub 3.0, this method will erase and replace everything to factory defaults.

Example you have modified passwords or disabled wifi bands, or simply it doesn’t work.

See pictures bellow, your hub 3.0 might come in white or black colour.

Hub 3.0

Hub 3.0 Front Picture 1

Hub 3.0

Hub 3.0 back Picture 2

Go to the back of the hub 3.0 and find the reset button – see number 3 from picture 2

Use a pin, needle or a pen edge and press it continually for 1 minute while the hub 3.0 is on.

As a rule once you start pressing it the front of the hub 3.0 will turn off all the LED lights.

So pay atention to 1 and 2 from picture 1.

After the 1 minute of continualy pressing the reset button, release and restart the hub 3.0 (press button and get it to “0” position as this will turn off the power, wait 5 seconds, then press button and get it to “I” position as this means power on), see number 5 from picture 2.

This process will reset the hub to factory reset and can take up to 20 minutes to load up.

If it didn’t do anything please repeat the process.

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